I am  "Nurtured by Nature"  and therefore I want to express my DEVOTION!

A flower has become a symbol for me. A symbol for the principles of the universe. I use photographs and paintings to express my devotion. My images are either unmanipulated or slightly enhanced. The images can also be a base for digital art sometimes by using software - such as Liquib, Kaleidoscope, some Photoshop filters etc. I intend any kind of devotion to Nature I can think of! 

Buddha said : “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” 

I like to hold onto precious moments and capture images that reveal to me something about what life is all about. It makes me happy and I love to share!

Many of the images seen on the pages of this site can be viewed and/or purchased at

 my bubble site:  "Nurtured by Nature" 

and more!  at  www.Redbubble.com    =   the website for affordable art  :-)

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